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birthday bash

My birthday was Sunday. And it was fabulous.

We spent the weekend having an X-Men marathon before going to see The Wolverine. Trey made me cheese danish and pancakes and a from-scratch carrot cake that is still just as delicious and moist three days later. We also went to see Red 2 (go see it – you won’t be sorry!). Did I mention I love movies? Overall the weekend was incredibly low key and it was glorious.

I know that’s not much of a blog post, but I’m running out of juice (literally: the OJ is almost gone/figuratively: I am totally mentally and emotionally drained), so please excuse the tardiness (2 weeks in a row I’m posting a day late – for shame!) and the lack of delightful and witty insight. Instead, I hope you enjoy these pics of some of my awesome bday gifts:




4 Responses to “birthday bash”

  • Muffin:

    I don’t know that I’d have put your post about cheese Danish pancakes and carrot cake in the category “healthy me.” Hahaha!

  • Joey:

    Ok, I keep staring and staring, and I still can’t figure out that third picture. What am I looking at?

  • Oops! I wrote this post on my phone and it wouldn’t let me label pictures. The third pic is the pampas grass and shovel handle that I got with the Home Depot card that Amy sent me (cause she’s awesome).

  • And Muffin, I picked “healthy me” cause what other category do you put your birthday in? I’m still alive and kickin’ ain’t I???

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