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I get my love of words from my dad. Spend a week with him and it’s obvious that my joy of reading and writing comes from him. 

Ever since I was little, when my family would go out to eat, we’d always play hangman while waiting for our food to arrive.  Sometimes the words or phrases were easy to guess:  they were written on the menu or were on the walls of the restaurant or were the logo on a tshirt that was in plain view.  Other times, they were almost impossible to guess. 

A month or so ago, Trey and I were out to eat and while we waited for our food, I decided we should play hangman.  Since we were at Chili’s, Trey’s first phrase for me to guess was “baby back ribs.”  Then, with a stroke of genius, I thought of the best hangman phrase ever.  A phrase that was so good, I decided to email it to dad, thus starting a week long game of hangman.  Once he (finally) guessed my brilliant phrase (and no, I won’t tell you what it is), he came up with an almost-as-brilliant word for me to guess. 

In order to keep up my mad hangman skills, we started Tivo-ing Wheel of Fortune. Is it just me, or is it a little creepy that Pat Sajack hasn’t aged since the mid 80s?  And isn’t it strange that it’s not at all creepy that Vanna White hasn’t aged since the mid 80s?  Weird. 

I like the “before & after” category.  They take two comon phrases that share a common word and link them together.  Example:  “The Belle of the Ball and Chain,” “Moisturizing Cream Pie,” “Fairy Dust Mop.”  I love it.

Another sign that I’m getting old:  I’m a Wheel Watcher.

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