bacon pancakes & airbrush dreams

Last day of vacation.  So sad to see it go.  This has been the most relaxing week of my entire life – hands down. 

As a farewell to Lake Junaluska and our week of lazy freedom, Trey and I went to Joey’s Pancake House ( for breakfast.  And if you’re a smart cookie, you already know what I ordered. 

No, but Eggs Benedict is an excellent guess. 

Read the blog title and guess again.

BINGO!  Bacon Pancakes.  My arteries were screaming no, my my tastebuds were saying “Ooooooooooooh, yeah.” And yes, they were as glorious as I thought they would be, if not more so.  Imagine it: three golden flap-jacks with two inch strips of bacon baked right in and a scoop of butter the size of a small orange all topped with Joey’s fresh maple syrup.  De-lish.  The next time you’re in Maggie Valley, you must go.  But get there early – by 8:30am, the place usually has an hour long wait.  And they’re only open for breakfast.

On our way back to the house Trey & I were laughing to ourselves about how touristy Maggie Valley really is.  It’s like Myrtle Beach, only without the water.  Everything else you’d see on the strip on any given day in August can be found in Maggie Valley too.  Herds of Harley Davidson bikers?  Check! Teenagers wearing far too little clothing?  Check! Stores with innertubes and beach towels out front (Eagles, anyone?)? Check!  And of course, airbrush booths.  We shan’t forget those.

It still baffles me – leaves me dumfounded – boggles my mind – how (HOW? I beg you!), in this day in age, in a progressive society, how can there still be a market for anything airbrushed???

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  1. Leslie, I just happened upon your blog again, it’s been awhile since I’ve stalked you, lol.
    I love your writing style, fun with a twinge of smarta**. Just my kind! Tell me, what did you get airbrushed?? haha

  2. Hi Leslie,
    I came across your post and I just had to comment. I’ve been airbrushing now for over 20yrs. Professionally since 1995/96. I’ve been operating at my current location now for over 6yrs. I’m happy to say, even in the state of our pitiful economy, I’m still here!! I didn’t receive any Bail-Out money. Unlike some BIG CORPORATIONS that got their government checks and STILL downsized or close their doors all together. Airbrushed t-shirts is a form of Self-Expression. You can’t get that in a T-shirt Transfer shop. You have to choose what they have on their walls. With an airbrush shop, the skies the limit.

    I say “FORGET YOU” to all the naysayers and fashionistas that point fingers and laugh at our airbrush t-shirts. We’re still here and it’s a “FAD” that has outlasted over 40yrs. Just ask Tom Davison who’s been around since the trend began with Ed “Big daddy” Roth and his Monster T-shirts and Rat Fink.

    Don’t be surprised if you get comments from other airbrush artists. There are THOUSANDS of us.

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