blessed part 2

Last week I told you about my experience reading Robert Morris’ book, The Blessed Life. I finished the final chapter, study guide, and Afterward some time later that afternoon. Trey had been listening to the sermon series in his car and finished around the same time. We spent the week discussing what we learned as it came up and decided we wanted to give. So we scheduled a budget meeting.

We try to take time out each week to go over our finances. I handle most of the bill paying so we use this time to make sure Trey’s in the loop and to make sure things are categorized correctly in our budget. I know you’ve heard it a thousand times, but you need a budget – I recommend It’s a free online budgeting tool that lets you link all of your accounts into one place – so as soon as I use my debit card I can go online and lable the purchase “gas & fuel” or whatever it may be.

Anyway, at last week’s budget meeting, Trey and I vowed to really get serious about sticking to our budget. And we discovered that if we did that, not only could we keep up with our tithe, we could also give almost 15% on top of that to other ministries!

I know in my gut that God did that math for us and provided for us so that we could give more. I know that because we’re both crazy excited to get Trey’s next paycheck because that’s when we’ll get to put our new giving plan into action. Excited like Christmas Eve…no, excited like a kid the night before a Disney World trip.

This is gonna be awesome.

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