camp leslie

Baby fever. 

Those two words keep creeping up. 

Maybe it’s because Trey & I have been married for 2 1/2 years.  Maybe it’s because I’m rapidly approaching 30 (53 days and counting). Maybe it’s because life has thrown us a lot of changes here recently and we figure we might as well pile on one more.  Who knows?

No matter the reason, it’s there, floating above our heads, waiting for us to take the leap.

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of babysitting my two youngest neices, Makayla and Isabella.  A venture my mother called: Camp Leslie. 

Everyone had an opinion on the outcome of the week.  It would either cure us immediately of the afore mentioned Baby Fever, or it would make it much much worse.

We picked up the girls Monday evening just in time for dinner and at the end of the night, we both read them stories and tucked them in bed.  Tuesday was swimming and going to the playground.  Wednesday was legos and Cici’s Pizza.  Thursday was coloring and Toy Story.  And Friday, more swimming and that evening we met back up with the entire family for a sinfully delicious dinner at Maggiano’s Little Italy (stuffed mushrooms TO DIE FOR). And when we said goodbye to the girls Friday night, Bella hugged my neck so tight and asked when  they could come back to stay with us and Mak gave me a quick hug, pointed her pudgy little index finger in my face and said “I WILL be right back.” 

I know you’re wondering, what’s the verdict?  Did it cure the Baby Fever or take it up a few (hundred) degrees? 

Trey and I both finished off the week thinking the same thing:  when the time comes, we SO got this.

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