project powder poom: part 1

“You have a great starter home!”

The first time I heard this, it sounded like a back-handed compliment. Starter home? As if we needed training wheels to have our own house. Ladies and gentlement, I am here to tell you that yes, you DO need training wheels. Home ownership is great…it’s fantastic…you get to do things like paint and remodel without the permission of a landlord! But you also don’t get to call the landlord when something breaks, or when the lawn needs some attention, or when there’s a leak. No, you are solely responsible for taking care of those things on your own.

Ever since Trey and I got married, and I moved into his house (now, our house), there have been certain home-improvement projects that I’ve been dying to get my hands on…probably more than any other, was the overall make-better bathroom project. For those of you who have never been to our house, the hall bathroom (my bathroom – Treyuses the tiny bathroom off the master bedroom…I have too much crap to be confined to that space) is fine. Just fine. Not super welcoming or cozy, as I like for bathrooms to be. You know what I mean…don’t you love it when you’re a guest in someone’s home and the bathroom is all neat and clean and has matching hand towels and candles lit? It makes you feel like you’re not invading anyone’s privacy, like it’s the “guest bathroom.” My bathroom’s not like that. Mostly because the sink is cluttered with moisturizer and makeup brushes and random hair products.

Let me paint you a picture: the walls of the bathroom are cream colored, there’s panelling around the room (about 4.5 feet high) with a chair rail at the top – the panelling is yellow. There’s a white vanity with a medicine cabinet above that’s so rusty that it can’t be used, a cabinet that reaches from floor to ceiling, and a window that looks into the laundry room.  And for almost 3 years now, it’s been begging for some DIY attention.

Well…not any more.


I assume that last night I dreamt it was Friday and was discussing my Saturday plans with someone.
I assume this because I remember thinking upon waking that it couldn’t be Friday. And I said so to Trey as I rolled over in my still half asleep state: “How is it possible that it’s ONLY Thursday?” I groaned. “Baby…it’s Wednesday.” I groaned again and rolled over praying that the clock would allow me 15 more minutes of sleep…it didn’t. In fact, it was 8:38 and I have to be at work at 9:00. At that point I may or may not have uttered a few explitives and ran as fast as my sleeping legs could carry me to the shower.

Why is it that I can sleep for over 9 hours at night and not feel the slightest bit rested? What does that say about my general health and well-being? I get moderate exercise (thanks to weeding) and I don’t allow myself caffiene in the evening or late afternoon. Also – I’m NOT EVEN 30 YET! So why can’t I rest? The obvious answer would be that my brain is still going 90 miles an hour and therefore I can’t fall asleep – but it’s not, and I can. It’s just that when I wake up it feels like I haven’t gotten a full night’s sleep. I feel disoriented – liked I’ve been ripped from a Sunday afternoon nap too soon. I ache. I have joint pain. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?

Maybe I should take vitamins.


Last Wednesday I was talking with friends regarding my reservations about auditioning for a show. I love the show and would love to do it any other time – but (strangely) I’ve recently found a love of yard work! Meg Foster (is awesome) looked at me and said “I’m glad you’re enjoying your garden, but did you ever think there’d come a time when you’d say you’d rather do yard work than be in a play?”
The answer is no – if you’d told me even 2 months ago that I would refuse to audition for a summer play so that I could do yard work in in the heat and mosquitos I would have put money against you. I think what it amounts to is that Trey and I have had this huge list of things to do to the house (mostly yard related) since he bought it almost 2 years ago and now (for some inexplicable reason) I have the drive to do it! So rather than auditioning for a show I adore I decided not to take the chance and to claim my free summer! And it was strangely liberating.

Yesterday I went shopping and got a trowel and potting soil and some hanging baskets and seeds and weedex fabric to prevent weeds from growing up around my shrubbery. Now all I need is a bunch of mulch and some rocks and to get the lawn mower out of the shop and my yard will be well on its way to fabulousness!


So, Trey called me right after work Tuesday and said that Linda (she works for the theater) needed help picking up a speaker from the old theater building to use in the new building and they needed it for a reahearsal that night. Well, we had already made dinner plans so he was gonna pick me up and then we’d swing by the old theater (which, coincidentally is where we met…where we started dating…where we first said I love you…you get the picture) and pick up the speaker, then to the new theater to drop it off before heading to dinner. Well, we get to the old theater and walk up on stage…and of course, there was no speaker. So right there, on stage he dropped to one knee and said “I was gonna ask you if you’d marry me” and I kissed him and he said “you know, technically that’s not an answer.” and I said “technically you didn’t ask me a question!” So he asked and I, of course, said yes :)

And I’m pretty stinkin happy.

I’ve been smiling so much my face hurts.