Nana & PopFor those of you who have been praying for the Hendon crew this past week, I cannot thank you enough.  Pop had a really rough day on Wednesday.  So rough, in fact, that hospice said his status was “eminent.”  So we doubled his steroid dose to help relieve some of the swelling in his brain…and boy did that make a difference!  He went from being almost completely unresponsive to man-laughing and asking for steak and potatoes.  Hospice has removed his eminent status and yesterday was the best I’ve seen him in months.  We realize this could be his big rally before the end, but we also know his quality of life has greatly improved and we’re going to rejoice for every moment of it.

Okay, now that you’ve been updated there, here’s the next big thing:  since the Watts family is being moved to Washington DC in a couple weeks, Trey’s parents will be moving in with us next Monday.  Since their current home holds two households full of stuff there will be two shifts for the movers.  The first shift comes to pack and load out all of the Watts’ things by Thursday – including the washer and dryer.  Nana and Pop’s things will be packed and loaded out next week and sent to SC to Mama Jane’s house.  However, since Pop is unable to travel right now, they’re coming to stay with us.  Initially the plan was for them to arrive on the 15th, but since they’ll be without the comforts of home, we’ve invited to come as early as they like…even though Nana is hesitant to leave before it’s all packed up and cleaned.

So this week Trey and I are working to transform our dining room into a comfortable room for his folks.  We’ll pack up our china, buffet, and dining room table and store them in the garage to make room for Pop’s hospital bed and a bed for Nana so she can be by his side during the night.  We’re hoping to get privacy curtains set up soon as well.  We don’t know how long they’ll be staying with us, but we’re doing our utmost to make sure they both feel at home.

For more updates on Trey’s dad’s condition, please visit – you must be logged in to view his page.  We are so thankful for your thoughts and prayers, especially in this season of transition!

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  1. We are so Blessed as a family to have you both in our lives. Trey and Leslie what a blessing you are to be willing and able to dive in and make Deb and Peirce so welcome and secure. Leslie they are blessed to have you as a daughter. May the Lord Bless you and keep you, may His face shine upon you and give you peace.

    We love you both,

    Angie and David.

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