give thanks

I am thankful for…

Friends who have stood by me through thick and thin (you know you you are), a family that loves me unconditionally, MUFFINS, Trey, music, St Ives 24 Hour Moisture advanced body moisturizer, Harry Potter, Frank, Roger, even Rufus, great neighbors, my church family, Disciple I, my co-workers (well, most of them), my job, my house, my car, text messages, my big blue water jug, girl’s night, nights out with the gays, theater, hot showers, candles that aren’t too smelly, foot massages, naps, cozy socks, scarves, mashed potatoes, almonds, man laughing, inside jokes (SEA BASS!), being an adult with my mother, being a kid with my father, being totally ridiculous with my sister, silent laughs, singing in my church choir, learning new things, good beer, feta cheese, old friends, new friends, being on stage, fleece blankets, new cleaning supplies, helping Trey with his house, leaves that blow around my car, pumking pie, apple pie, key lime pie, peanut butter pie, busy lawyer pie, derby pie, french silk pie, lemon merangue pie, any pie, ranch dip, tater tots, my dark gray hoodie, yoga pants, having conversations without speaking, people who never give up on talking to me even though I suck at keeping in touch, parking lot conversations, knowing this is it, Nathan (my 4 year old fan), hope, justice, peace, faith, love…and most of all, for grace. Because without grace, I would have nothing to be thankful for.

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