happy birthday muffin

Last weekend I super sneakily flew to SC to surprise Amy for her 30th birthday.  Mission accomplished!  She was totally caught off guard.


8-10-13Adam (my awesome brother-in-law) left a key to their house where I could find it and Mom and I snuck in to wait for them Friday night while they were out.  When they came in she screamed…and cried.  And it was awesome.  Mom caught the whole thing on video, but as it’s not super flattering for either of us, you’ll just have to take my word for it.  I got to spend the entire weekend with some of my favorite people in the entire world – family, friends, and some pretty awesome animals as well.


In addition to a weekend of awesome birthday fun, Amy and I also got hooked on watching American Horror Story.  Seriously?  That’s SO not my style – I always have to watch some cartoons after seeing a scary movie.  But for whatever reason AHS sucked us both in.  Shame on Amy for watching the rest of the first season without me!  I still can’t figure out how I’m gonna catch up cause I’m pretty sure Trey’s mom won’t want to watch it with me!


Sometimes you don’t realize how very much you need a break from your own reality so you can just go home for a while.  It was a much needed visit. And THAT is the only excuse I can offer you about why there was no blog post on 8/13.  But lucky you, because I feel ever so slightly guilty about it, there’s another one coming up right after this!

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