hisses and kisses

Dogs are different. They’re like big floppy happy cats that are pretty much oblivious to their surroundings unless food is in reach. Dog kisses are wet and big and sloppy and slimy.  Cat kisses are dry and small and neat and rough. When dogs are distress they whimper and grumble…and cats, well, they hiss.


Jack moved in on Friday. We followed all the instructions we could get our hands on as to how to best introduce him to our feline family. I guess you could say it went as well as could be expected…and I’ve got the scars to prove it. It wasn’t all bad though. Jack hasn’t made any aggressive moves toward the cats, he just really wants to make new friends. They’re just not quite as eager to befriend him. Still, we’ve had a handful of promising moments that lead us to believe that before too long we’ll have a foursome of furry friends.


Since we’re still dealing with lots of apprehension from the cats, it’s hard to give a full report as to how the transition is going. And I must admit, I feel like this is coming out all choppy and not as a string of complete thoughts. Oh well, it’s your weekly blog post as promised. Sorry it’s so brief!


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  1. We LOVE our foursome of furry friends! It gets better (maybe not for Roger…Bono still refuses to believe he’s not an only child). Can’t even remember was like when we only had three!

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