hopes and dreams, and skinny jeans

I want to be a mom. That should come as no surprise…come October, Trey and I will have been married for five years, it’s about time we started a family. But with two mortgages and two long-term house guests, we don’t have the financial or emotional stability to even consider it.  And some days it just feels like the whole world is having babies except me. And some days that’s more okay than others.  Yes, this is your polite hint to stop asking when we’re going to have children.


But while our lives are on hold, we know there are some things we can do to prepare ourselves for the eventual day when we get to think seriously about starting a family. One of those things is getting control of our health. In our two-plus years in Texas, I’ve gained over 15 pounds…10 of which were in 2013.  But since August 1st, I’ve lost 12 (woohoo!).  Trey and I are both watching what we eat (portion sizes and calorie counting more than a specific diet), and we’re both running.  In fact, I ran 6 miles on Saturday…and that’s pretty freakin’ awesome.


You know what else is awesome?  I was cleaning out some old Rubbermaid bins a couple of weeks ago and found a stash of clothes that I put away because they were too small and I got tired of feeling depressed every time I looked in the closet.  Just for fun, I pulled them out on Sunday to see if any of them fit.  I didn’t try all of them on (I know I’m still a long way from a size two), but I did try on my jeans.  I haven’t worn a good pair of jeans in a long, long time.  And if you know me at all, you know I’m a jeans girl to the core.  And, even though I’m going to make myself wait another week or so before wearing them out in public (that should give me another pound and a half of wiggle room), I now have three pairs of jeans (two size 4s and a 6) that are gonna look awesome on me now that fall boot weather is kicking up (FINALLY).


Maybe it’s that life has been really tough here lately, but fitting into those long lost skinny jeans was about the best thing since sliced bread.

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