hot dog

This Independence Day, our little crew decided to get together to celebrate.  As usual, we knew we wanted to meet on the 4th, but the “when, where, what and how” of it, of course, wasn’t figured out until sometime that afternoon.  The end result was perfect.  Everyone brought something to the table.  But I have to say, my favorite addition was the culinary talent of Roberta, whom I will now forever think of as The Hot Dog Queen.

Roberta works at a little joint called Dirty Dogz.  Housed inside a renovated old red boxcar, Dirty Dogz is “a different way of doing gourmet”…and it’s sheer genius.

When we decided that our July 4th party was basically going to be pot luck at our house, we thought we’d get some good ole hot dogs…but Roberta brought in toppings and some know how from Dogz.  I knew we were in for a treat when she said the menu included stuffed jalapeno, BLT, Chicago and frito pie dogs.  And then she asked if I had a griddle she could use.  The result was the best hot dog I’ve ever had in my life.

Each bun was slathered in butter and toasted, the grilled dogs were then slit down the middle so your toppings didn’t just “top” the dog, they were inside.  I created my own (cause I’m difficult like that), a variation on Dirty Dogz’ BLT, with bacon, cream cheese and avocado.  And then I had another…this time with fritos on top.

Dirty Dogz has officially revolutionized the way I think of hot dogs. I’ll never go back to a plain ketchup and mustard dog again.

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