i bordot

Seriously? Three weeks in a row? Shame on me. Even so, I still haven’t broken my “blog weekly” resolution and wasn’t even late until after the half point of the year.  So there.


MuffinsWhen I realized that I had (yet again) forgotten to post my weekly blog entry at 10am Tuesday morning, my first thought was: “Oops, I bordot.”


You know how kids, when they’re learning to talk, mispronounce things? The result is occasionally unintelligible, but every now and then, the mistake is an adorable blunder that works itself into your family’s vocabulary. Bisketti. See, you know exactly what that is. And I didn’t even have to tell you. That’s because I’m pretty sure that every child since the dawn of noodles has mispronounced it that way.


Our family was no different growing up. For some reason, I attribute all these new vocab words to my awesome younger sister (who’s turning 30 this weekend!!! HOLY COW), but that just might be because I’m certain that someone once told me that my first real word was “refrigerator.”  That can’t be right…but I digress.  Here are some of my favorite Muffinisms from way back when:


  •  shuppy to jink means “I want something to drink”
  • babing shoop means “bathing suit”
  • I bordot means “I forgot”


That last one, folks, still lives in my frequent vocabulary to this day.

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  1. Don’t remind me (about the old-ness). But yes, I’m pretty sure all of my “learning to talk” were adorable blunders, while your first word WAS refrigerator. Believe me, I was there. And now I’m going to go fix myself shuppy to jink.

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