much ado about frank

For those of you who have met her, you have to admit, Frank is a beautiful cat.  She has the most expressive eyes.  And she’s a flirt…tell her you love here and she gives you the slow blink.  Watch her from across a room and she’ll wink at you.  She loves people and likes (okay, tolerates) most dogs.  She’s incredibly graceful (probably more so when you compare her to Rufus who runs into walls and lights his tail on fire).  She makes new friends with just about everyone who enters our home.  And she always, ALWAYS knows when you need a hug. 

The other night, Trey and I were sitting on the couch watching TV and Frank curled up in my lap and promptly fell asleep.  And I had an epiphany:  Sleep helps you fall in love. 

When Trey and I were first dating, we spent hundreds of lunch breaks eating sandwiches and taking 20 minute cat naps before going back to work.  We had countless movie nights that ended in us falling asleep together on the couch. When we spent Christmas with Trey’s family, Makayla fell asleep in my lap numerous times while I sang Silent Night softly in her ear.  And the other night, when Frank was dozing in my lap, I was overcome with love for her.  There something so peaceful and innocent about a sleeper.  There’s something so serene and vulnerable that you wrap them in your arms.  There’s a magic there that makes you power through your arm falling asleep and tingling and your fingers going numb just so you don’t have to wake them.  It’s true!  When our tv show was over and it was time to go to bed, I sat there for a long time because I just couldn’t bear to move and wake Frank.  But I moved.  And she woke.  And I kissed her goodnight on the top of her furry head and she lazily rolled over and fell back asleep.

Frank is also the most photogenic of our three cats.  Even her “bad” shots are adorable.  She’s the girl who you think you’re sneaking a candid shot of but who has crazy camera radar and immediately cheezes just as soon as you click.  She’s Barney Stinson on “How I Met Your Mother,” who’s never taken a bad photo…ever.  And there’s a very good reason for that:  she’s just that darn cute. 

Even now….

A few weeks ago, Frank did what I didn’t know was possible.  She lost a tooth.  I didn’t know cats did that.  Not like people do anyway.  But sure enough, one night, Trey and I noticed she was shaking her head a lot, and upon closer inspection we noticed that her top left front fang was loose.  On a person it’d be the canine tooth…but somehow that seems strange when describing a cat.  We called the emergency vet who assured us that it was perfectly normal and there was no danger to her if her tooth fell out, “she’s got plenty others,” he said.  And the next day, sure enough, out the tooth came.  And Frank didn’t seem to notice other than the fact that she looked funny when she ate. 

Now, weeks later, you don’t even notice her tooth is gone.  Except for one thing: without the top left fang there for her upper lip to lay against, her lip keeps getting caught on the bottome left fang…which causes her to make this face.  “Something stinks” face.  “Huh?” face.  And, I say this out of love, it’s pretty freakin hilarious.

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  1. There is a picture of you and Blair that is title “Diva Faces” from April of last year on your FB page. When you compare that picture to Frank’s above picture with the missing tooth they are almost the same!

  2. hahahahahaaaahaha i loooooove that face!!! my foxhound used to do that face ALL THE TIME after waking up suddenly, though he wasnt missing a tooth, and it would KILL me!! love.

  3. I adore this post Leslie! I too have three cats…though the two kittens haven’t met my 7 year old baby yet. I love that Frank is a girl…my Charlie is a girl too. She got her name because we were TOLD she was a boy, then upon further exploring, SO was not :-) Frank is gorgeous, and the picture of her stinky face is priceless!

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