new normal

Things in the Hendon household are slowly but surely getting back to normal.  The dining room table and china cabinets are back in place; privacy curtains to the dining area have been taken down, washed and folded; we’ve realized that we can all leave the house to go out to eat together; and life is starting to go on.


And yet, it’s different.  While it’s nice having things back the way they were, there are some things that will never be the same.  And it’s a strange feeling.


But for the most part, we are still amazed and blessed by God’s peace.  It has made this season of our lives endurable…and that is an amazing gift.  So I won’t say that things are getting “back to normal” but that our lives are shifting into a new normal. And even though there is pain and sadness associated with this “new normal,” I have to admit that any form of normal right now just feels…nice.

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