once upon a time

Once upon a time, I married an awesome guy who has 4 awesome nieces…3 of whom came to stay with us the other weekend.  Mary Beth, Isabella, and Makayla arrived on a Thursday.  Here’s what happened on Wednesday:


I had all these awesome plans.  I had asked the neighbors for ideas, I had searched the county website.  We were going to go swimming, we were going to check out the Cibolo Nature Center, and gosh darn it, we were going to feed the ducks on River Road!  I was so excited about all the outdoor activities I had planned that when it finally occurred to me to check the weather report, it pretty much made my brain explode:  thunderstorms and a cold front.  Crap.


Then I talked to my awesome mom, who suggested taking the girls to the library to pick out a book that we could turn into a skit.  Well, that was the seed – but it needed to grow a little bit.


MB, Bella, and Mak love to put on shows.  These shows usually consist of singing and dancing along to whatever song is on the radio at any given moment.  But they take them very seriously and usually “have a show for me” every time I see them.  And then I thought about Pop.  As his cancer has progressed, it’s become necessary for him to remain in bed 24/7, and there’s just not enough room in Nana & Pop’s bedroom for the girls to put on a show for him.  And then it hit me:  we needed to do more than a skit – we needed to make Pop a movie!


So I spent that night and most of Thursday morning writing my very first screen play.  I tried to think of all the little songs the girls sing on a regular basis, and some good old-fashioned Bible School songs and I let them guide the story.


The girls arrived late Thursday night, and Friday morning we got to work making posters and playing dress up to find the perfect costumes.  We practiced and played, we had a photo shoot to have headshots to use for the DVD case (we’d make copies to present to both Nana & Pop and their mom & dad).  We only had one curling iron related injury and for the most part, had a grand old time.


Now, without further ado, I give you: SADLANDIA



Aunt Leslie & Uncle Trey

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  1. Excellent production, Leslie! As completely objective viewers, we think this should win some sort of award – Pulitzer, Emmy, or Golden Globe – maybe all three! Just glad the girls didn’t bump heads or anything.

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