project powder room: fin

Labor Day, 2010 – this week I was a painter, caulker, chair rail installer, wood puttier, vanity putter inner, shower curtain hanger, cleaner, grouter, tiler, DIY guru, dog-sitter and complete and total hormonal basket case. This was the begining of Labor WEEK at the Hendon house. With the tile laid and the grout dry, that glorious day off was the perfect time to kick Project Powder Room’s butt. And we did.

After nearly three months of work, Project Powder Room is finally finished. In one week, we went from a cement floor and dried goo on the walls, to fabulous wanescoating, crown molding and tile. I think I speak for both Trey and myself when I say we’re so proud of our hard work and super pleased with our new beautiful bathroom.

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