sleeping arrangements

This week we have had two beds delivered to our house.

king-sizeThe first is a king-sized memory foam mattress that is currently sitting on the floor as we eagerly await the arrival of our new bed frame.  It arrived around 2:30 yesterday afternoon and Jack was super excited to greet them at the door (almost as excited as I was!).  After some coaxing and wrestling, I finally got him in the back yard to give the delivery guys an obstacle-free walkway.  At first I was really concerned about how they’d navigate our narrow stairwell and the U-turn at the top that leads to the master bedroom.  The foundation (as opposed to box springs) came as two twin-sized pieces, so those were easy enough to maneuver.  And the mattress, much to my surprise, came rolled up into a tight cylinder wrapped in plastic.  One guy carried it over his shoulder and the other one steered.  They got it in the room, sliced the plastic off, and unrolled it onto the foundation – I was told it’d take a couple hours to completely “inflate.” I thanked them profusely and they told me to “tell Jack bye for us!”

When I tell you that last night was the best sleep I’ve gotten in ages, that is by no means an exaggeration.  We’ve been wanting to upgrade to a king for a while now.  And Trey and I have always had different opinions about whether the sleep number or the pillow-top queen-sized bed was the comfiest (um, it’s the pillow-top, no contest) so we compromised on the memory foam.  The first thing he said to me this morning was “why did we do this years ago???”  Why indeed?!?!?!  Yes, last night’s sleep – though the fact that we were bone tired to the point of not being able to walk straight when we got home at midnight (way, way, WAY past our bedtime) might have skewed our judgment – was GLORIOUS.

*          *          *

pop_jackThe second bed we’ve had delivered this week is Pop’s hospital bed.  It’s in the dining room facing the back wall so that when he arrives with hospice this afternoon he can look to his right and see the tv and to his left he can look out the window.  When the first bed of the week was delivered, we moved our sleep-number (cause it’s collapsible!) queen-sized bed into the dining room so that Nana will be able to stay by Pop’s side all night.  I hope she doesn’t mind though, Frank and Rufus have already decided it belongs to them.

I hope Trey’s folks are comfortable in their new beds tonight – we’ve done everything we could think of to make it so.  But I cannot lie, if they’re not comfortable in the middle of the night, we won’t know…because our new bed makes us both sleep like rocks!

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  1. We got a Serta iComfort in February and I agree with you and Trey 100%. BEST SLEEP EVER. I’m a memory foam girl for life now (which is good since the mattresses are supposed to last 25 years!). :)

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