read me

I write for the simple love of writing.  The joy of telling a story to an audience.  To get stuff out of my system.  And also, because I think I’m pretty good at it.  If you disagree, well, I’m okay not ever knowing that.

Recently, a dear friend of mine guest wrote a blog.  I didn’t know such things were done.  Upon reading all the comments to her hilarious blog post, I realized that this blog had FAR more readers than my measley blog…and they’re crazy devoted.  While I love all of my devoted readers (that’d be you, dears), I’m pretty sure I know all of you personally. 

This begs the question:  how does one turn her blog into something total strangers stumble upon and fall in love with? 

SO!  In light of this new puzzle that’s plaguing my noggin, I’m giving you some homework:  share the link to my blog ( with a friend (or twenty) who (preferably) I’ve never met (pretty please with a cherry on top).   And in return, I promise to post much more often. 

Deal?  Deal!