let’s twist again

For those who know me well (and even those who know me not-so-well), it’s not hard to miss the fact that I am technologically resistant.  It’s not that I’m techno-ignorant, it’s that I quite simply don’t like change.  Technology reminds me that life moves too fast.  I well remember the good ole days when mom’s Motorola bag phone for the car was the coolest thing I’d ever seen. Also…did I mention I don’t like change.  Well, I don’t. At all. 

So, as I’m sure you can imagine, I dread every two years when the time comes to upgrade my cell phone.  D-R-E-A-D it! Trey loves it because it means he gets to upgrade to some other ridiculously technological device (I’m pretty sure the new model of the Droid can make pancakes). I hate it because two years is just enough time for me to get 100% comfortable with the phone I already have! 

However, the last time I got a new phone marks a significant moment in my technological history.  My Nokia Twist is is the first cell phone I’ve ever had that I actually liked.  I mean, actively, purposefully, would-recommend-it-to-anyone liked! Aye, but here’s the catch…I’m also soon to be on number four.

My first Twist literally snapped in half and was held together by a single cable that  was attached at the swivel ring.

My second Twist got in an accident: I forgot it was in my lap when getting out of the car and it went SPLAT, face down on the driveway, permanently making the screen go all wibbly.

My third Twist just decided yesterday that it no longer wanted to have a vibrate mode.  I always, ALWAYS have my phone on vibrate.  Mostly because ring-tones confuse me – I hear that song I like and just start singing along, it never registers that that means “answer the phone, ya dumb-butt.”

So today, I went down to the Verizon store (where the devil lives) to see if they could smack some sense into my beloved Twist the Third.  Sadly, no.  My new Twist should arrive in the mail Wednesday or Thursday. I’ll call it Quatro. 

I love my phone.  I love the way it looks, I love it’s size, I love that the swivel ring lights up when I get a text, I love that I can choose what color it lights up, I love that it fits comfortably into my front pocket, and I love all it’s features…but please, just for once, it’d be great if it’d actually WORK!