Last Wednesday I was talking with friends regarding my reservations about auditioning for a show. I love the show and would love to do it any other time – but (strangely) I’ve recently found a love of yard work! Meg Foster (is awesome) looked at me and said “I’m glad you’re enjoying your garden, but did you ever think there’d come a time when you’d say you’d rather do yard work than be in a play?”
The answer is no – if you’d told me even 2 months ago that I would refuse to audition for a summer play so that I could do yard work in in the heat and mosquitos I would have put money against you. I think what it amounts to is that Trey and I have had this huge list of things to do to the house (mostly yard related) since he bought it almost 2 years ago and now (for some inexplicable reason) I have the drive to do it! So rather than auditioning for a show I adore I decided not to take the chance and to claim my free summer! And it was strangely liberating.

Yesterday I went shopping and got a trowel and potting soil and some hanging baskets and seeds and weedex fabric to prevent weeds from growing up around my shrubbery. Now all I need is a bunch of mulch and some rocks and to get the lawn mower out of the shop and my yard will be well on its way to fabulousness!