Drumroll please…

HOUSE FOR SALE – $88,500


I know what you’re thinking: “I thought they were selling the house, not renting it?”  Well, never fear mes petites choux – the house is still for sale!

Here’s the long and short of it:  Our contract with our realtor (the fabulous BK Vernon) ran out December 31, 2012.  Since the contract lapsed, we can now re-sign and have the house listed at “0 days on the market” instead of almost 600.  BK has also commissioned the printing of a larger “for sale” sign to put on the corner of the alley where our driveway is so that people who drive by will at least know there’s something back there.

The morning of January 31, Trey had taken the day off work and was awakened by a phone call from BK:  the guy she’d told us about the week before definitely wanted to rent and he needed to move in THAT DAY!  We spent the day signing paperwork and tweaking the lease.

Our renter was connected with our agent through another agent.  He apparently has a history of flipping older houses (he just finished one in Hampton Heights) so we’re secretly hoping he’ll fall in love with all the awesome potential our little house has and want to buy it.  AND even if he doesn’t, he’s going to let BK go in and take more pictures of the house staged…instead of empty, which is what it was when she took the first pictures.  He’s also asked our permission to paint the shutters black and the front door red (HALLELUJAH!!!)…um, we said yes.

So basically, all these things roll together to mean our house is getting some much needed attention and we’re so excited and thankful for that.


It’s been two months since we packed up all our belongings and moved across the country to San Antonio.  We quickly got settled into our apartment; the cats have also (finally) made the adjustment.  We’re slowly but surely getting involved: I joined a women’s bible study with 7 beautiful, faithful women, my only complaint is we just meet once a month; Trey and I are attending our first choir practice at Oak Hills Church this evening; and next Sunday, the 26th, we plan to audition for one of the many community theatres here – they hold auditions for their entire season all at one time (next season includes Xanadu, The Drowsy Chaperone, and Hello Dolly).  However, for some reason, the homesickness is just now starting to sink in.  We miss you.  A lot. 
I’m sending you this tiny update in hopes that you will do us a great favor.  Please keep us in your prayers.  More specifically: please pray that we will follow God’s path and trust in His plans for us; and please pray that we can sell our house soon.  We’ve had one showing so far and our (fabulous) real estate agent has two other couples in mind but is playing phone tag with them.  She has also (finally) gotten either the city or the county to fix the alley in front of our house.
If you know anyone looking to buy a house, it’s being represented by B.K. Vernon at Prudential.  Please pass this link on to anyone looking: http://www.trulia.com/property/3050285667-907-Wo-Ezell-Blvd-Spartanburg-SC-29301
Also, please add us to any and every prayer list you have.  We know God has great plans for us. We know he didn’t lead us to San Antonio to abandon us or leave us lonely or bankrupt.  And we know that He loves us beyond measure.
Thank you Friends, Thank you Family.  From the bottom of our hearts, we love you and we pray for you, and we miss you a whole awful lot.