the girly side

What is it about women that makes us want to pretend to be dainty health nuts every time we assemble en masse? 

Earlier this week I volunteered to help set up for the spring Women’s Luncheon at church (in case you’re curious, a Women’s Luncheon is the same exact thing as a Ladies’ Luncheon – except for some reason, people think it sounds younger…it doesn’t).  After tying hundreds of cute little bows around bags of the daintiest cookies (Lacey’s, yes, even the name of the cookie is dainty). I’ve ever seen, I discovered that that was dessert.  Not just a sercy, but honest to goodness dessert.  Then I discovered that the entire meal for this luncheon was a salad and the cookies.  That’s not a meal!  That’s an appetizer! 

But it was no shock to me.  Every women’s luncheon I’ve EVER attended served similar fare.  What is that about?  Why is it when women get together they spazz out and turn to The Girly Side.  They suddenly become more concerned with center pieces and the way things are plated than people actually receiving adequate sustenance.  The Girly Side is the same state of mind that caused someone to invent doilies.  And mussy-tussies.  And coursages. 

With all due respect, I say YUCK!  One of these days, I’m going to host a Ladies Luncheon where the table toppers are those peg games you find at Cracker Barrel and pictures of people making ridiculous faces. 

And no one will have to run through a drive through to kill the hunger pangs after my Ladies Luncheon…because at my luncheon, we’re having steak and potatoes.