So, Trey called me right after work Tuesday and said that Linda (she works for the theater) needed help picking up a speaker from the old theater building to use in the new building and they needed it for a reahearsal that night. Well, we had already made dinner plans so he was gonna pick me up and then we’d swing by the old theater (which, coincidentally is where we met…where we started dating…where we first said I love you…you get the picture) and pick up the speaker, then to the new theater to drop it off before heading to dinner. Well, we get to the old theater and walk up on stage…and of course, there was no speaker. So right there, on stage he dropped to one knee and said “I was gonna ask you if you’d marry me” and I kissed him and he said “you know, technically that’s not an answer.” and I said “technically you didn’t ask me a question!” So he asked and I, of course, said yes :)

And I’m pretty stinkin happy.

I’ve been smiling so much my face hurts.