cat mafia

I’ve said it before, but now I see it more clearly than ever.  Our cats have all the personality of an evil mastermind and his cronies.


What caused this suspicion to resurface, you ask?  Superman, of course.


Have you seen Man of Steel?  You should.  It’s worth it.  And I must confess, my opinion of it has improved after a weekend long Superman marathon.  I don’t know if I just never saw the original (except Superman III…I distinctly remember childhood nightmares pertaining to Superman III), or if I was simply too young to remember it.  But I have to say that Man of Steel is a fantastic nod to the original, and Henry Cavill would have made Christopher Reeve proud.


Now, to the point.  In the first Superman movie, Lex Luthor plans to defeat Superman by way of Kryptonite (surprise surprise) so he can gain control of some nuclear missiles.  And who does Lex keep in his back pocket to help do his dirty work?  Otis, (a less-than-intelligent oaf who probably can’t count to 20 without taking off his shoes) and Miss Teschmacher…um, the arm candy.  In this triad of terribleness we saw, quiet clearly, the personalities of our three felines.


Miss Teschmacher (Roger), Otis (Rufus), and Lex Luthor (Frank)

Rufus is obviously the Otis of the group.  He’s cute but stupid.  He has a lumbering walk and runs into walls more times than he should.  He takes orders from the boss and is simply just a dumb henchman.  Were he in the actual mafia, he would be the guy who tossed you in your cement shoes into the ocean.


Frank, you should have realized, is the boss, the evil mastermind…she is our Lex Luthor.  She is, without question, the brains of the operation.  And if you’re in their company for more than 5 mins, you know that Frank runs the show.  She’s the Don.  She’s Marlon Brando (in The Godfather, not Superman).


And that leaves Roger…aka Miss Teschmacher.  He’s pretty and he knows it.  He would readily cause distraction with a swish of his tail.  And let’s face it, he’s a bit of a fop so I know he’d be all over those awesome sequin gowns.  Now, in The Godfather, he’s more of your consigliere, your Robert Duval.  He’s the good looking smooth talker, the boss’ right hand man.  But you know he’s wearing expensive shoes either way.


But I suppose, in this group, we can’t leave out poor Jack…the lovable, big eyed, best friend…yes, you’ve guessed it.

Jack is Clark Kent.