just dance

As part of my ridiculously cliche and totally unsurprising goals for the new year, I’m attempting to lose some weight.  Thirty pounds of it to be precise.  My plan is simple:  eat more veggies, eat less crap and MOVE ALL THE TIME.  I bought a pedometer.  This clearly means I’m serious about getting down to business.

My workout routine is double what I’ve tried in the past.  Every day for the past week I did two separate workout videos:  Power 90 Fat Burner (the kickoff workout for the P90 series), and Julianne Hough’s Just Dance.  I have to admit, I bought the dance workout because I love dancing and because the chick on the cover looks vaguely familiar…I was a little ashamed of myself when I realized she looked familiar because she plays Ariel in the new Footloose movie.  Luckily, she’s not as annoying as I was afraid she might be.

Here’s what I’ve learned from my efforts this week:  I sweat more than someone my size should…it’s disgusting.  Also, and most importantly:  when I’m out of shape, my sense of rhythm suffers. 

I’m a good dancer.  Really!  I seriously don’t suck when it comes to choreography (put me in a club, however, and something entirely different happens…I won’t lie people, it’s not pretty).  I’m always the girl teaching the moves to the rest of the room.  I pick up on things quickly.  At least, I do when I’m fit.  It’s utterly embarassing how difficult this Just Dance workout has been for me.  Things that are supposed to look crisp and sexy end up looking like I tripped over my own feet…and then, inevitably, I end up tripping.  After two days with this chick assuring me through the television screen that I “look great!”  and can “work it!”, I find myself just a little disappointed at my lack of overall awesomeness when it comes to the 3 choreographed dances in this workout.  I feel clumsy, and I’ve never felt clumsy.  I feel decidedly UN-sexy…despite the fact that Julianne insists that I should feel the opposite. 

In short:  I really need to get back in shape if I ever want to put on my dancing shoes again!  Your job it to harrass me until I get the job done.  Deal?