get your motor runnin’

You know it’s been too long since you’ve done push-ups when you wake up the next morning before your alarm because your armpits are sore.push-ups

I’m officially on Week 4 of my Couch to 5K running program.  I’ve never been a runner.  I’ve pretended to be, you know, that time the Triple Threat signed up for the Cooper River Bridge Run back in 2010…that was a dumb idea.  But we finished it.  And I ran more of it than I thought I could.  But still, a runner I am not.  My sincerest hope in doing this Couch to 5K program is that once I get up to running for half an hour straight (right now I’m up to 4 minutes before taking a walking break – and I’m crazy proud of that, by the way), then I’ll be hooked and just want to get out there and run any time I’m stressed or bored or craving copious amounts of chocolate.

What’s frustrating is that I’ve been doing this for weeks now and I feel like I’m GAINING weight!  No, I have not hopped on a scale.  But still, clothes are feeling a little more snug that I’d like.  That’s why I decided to add in the push-ups yesterday.

We had a crazy wind-storm all day long…it blew the metal roofs off of several buildings on Main Street in Boerne, as well as Trey’s office.  So I (quite wisely) decided that running outside wasn’t an option – even though Monday is definitely one of my scheduled run days.  You may call it common sense, but the fact that I took the initiative to go out to the garage and do my run on the elliptical is kind of a huge feet for me.  In the past, a little weather would have easily stopped me in my tracks, thus negating any progress I could have made.  But yesterday I found a solution to the weather problem.  And as I plugged away on the elliptical, I decided I’d also do a (small) circuit of push-ups, crunches, and squats:  3 rounds of 10 reps each.  I know that’s not a lot, but I’ve been feeling seriously out of shape lately.  I also have difficulty pushing myself.  If I had a screaming trainer hovering over me (Jillian Michaels, anyone?), demanding my all then I’d give it…it’s just that when I’m left to my own work-out devices, I don’t demand enough from myself.  Anyway, after the circuit I finished off with some much-needed yoga.  And it felt good.

But this morning my armpits are killing me!  I only did 30 push-ups!  Thirty GIRL push-ups.  I hate doing girl push-ups (you know, with your knees on the ground instead of holding your entire body up in Plank).  They make me feel weak and inferior.  So now I’m stuck with this dilemma:  do I take a day of rest to let my poor armpits recover, or do I push through?  I mean, the folks on The Biggest Loser work out in 2-hour sessions multiple times a day!  If they can do that, surely, so can I…right?

I guess my point is that I’m taking baby steps toward fitness.  And I genuinely just want to feel HEALTHY rather than skinny.  But I need a kick in the bum.  So, anyone who wants to come keep me motivated at least 3 days a week, come on down!  Cause I need someone to push me!

Did I mention my armpits hurt?