game day

First and foremost, let me say (in the loudest voice you can imagine):

GO COCKS!!!  When Trey and I got off the plane in Phoenix, the first thing we did was check the game score on his phone…we landed in just enough time to catch the last five minutes.  And we’re pretty sure we were the only people in Arizona cheering for an East Coast  team. 

More about Arizona later…this post is about football.  More specifically, football season. 

You can feel it in the air.  It’s not just fall; it’s not just the cooler temperatures, or the leaves turning colors…it’s the excitement in the air that comes with the game.  It comes with the hype and the rivalries and the anticipation.  It comes with the tailgating and the face painting and the crowds cheering.  It’s an energy that is completely contagious…whether you’re a die hard fan or not. 

Because football, more than about strength or agility or strategy, is about heart.  That’s why we love a football movie.  That’s why The Blind Side busted box office records and why We Are Marshall and Remember the Titans left countless grown men teary eyed in theaters across the country.  I love a good football movie…LOVE it.  It’s filled with hope, fear, love, family, comedy, suspense and usually a little romance…a football movie has everything. Even if you’re not a big football fan. 

I can’t get into a game unless it’s a team I’m invested in…USC Gamecocks, Carolina Panthers, Appalachian State Mountaineers and whoever makes it to the Super Bowl (but we all know that’s just good for the commercials and the half time show).  But even though I don’t spend my days in front of the tv watching the games, I still check up on the scores – because there’s a sort of community that comes from sharing in the losses and victories that go down on the field. 

Football is about heart.  Happy game day.