I assume that last night I dreamt it was Friday and was discussing my Saturday plans with someone.
I assume this because I remember thinking upon waking that it couldn’t be Friday. And I said so to Trey as I rolled over in my still half asleep state: “How is it possible that it’s ONLY Thursday?” I groaned. “Baby…it’s Wednesday.” I groaned again and rolled over praying that the clock would allow me 15 more minutes of sleep…it didn’t. In fact, it was 8:38 and I have to be at work at 9:00. At that point I may or may not have uttered a few explitives and ran as fast as my sleeping legs could carry me to the shower.

Why is it that I can sleep for over 9 hours at night and not feel the slightest bit rested? What does that say about my general health and well-being? I get moderate exercise (thanks to weeding) and I don’t allow myself caffiene in the evening or late afternoon. Also – I’m NOT EVEN 30 YET! So why can’t I rest? The obvious answer would be that my brain is still going 90 miles an hour and therefore I can’t fall asleep – but it’s not, and I can. It’s just that when I wake up it feels like I haven’t gotten a full night’s sleep. I feel disoriented – liked I’ve been ripped from a Sunday afternoon nap too soon. I ache. I have joint pain. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?

Maybe I should take vitamins.