play time

Today: my back hurts, my knees are bruised, I’m exhausted, I have a broken fingernail…but the reason was totally worth it!

Last night, for about 2 and a half hours I played. Honest to goodness, PLAYed! Like a child at recess. It was magnificent!

But, let me start at the very begining (a very good place to start): I woke up bright and early and went to the 9:00 service at Trinity to see the kids’ Christmas musical (Christmas on Main Street – ADORABLE!!!), then taught Sunday School (I only ever have one little boy, but he’s so attentive and actually sits through the lesson before playing with monster trucks), then Blair picked me up and we headed to St. John’s Lutheran to hear DJ sing…he told us it started at 11, it started at 10:30. Thanks DJ. But it was a nice performance…or, the end of it was, hehe. After that was lunch, with DJ and Blair and then nap/movie/knitting (I finished Grandma’s scarf, yay!), and then me and Blair were off to Boiling Springs to support Janet in her directoral debut of her childrens’ choir’s performance of Christmas in Reverse. It was brilliant, the kids did so well! I sang along and did most of the dances from my seat…I was so proud! And I was thrilled that we got to sit with Caroline, Meredith, Matthew Ballard, and Adam! Hunter even stopped by to say hello! After the show, Janet, Caroline, Adam, Matthew, Blair and I all went to Wild Wing…and then decided to walk down to Denny’s Plaza to look at the town Christmas tree. We were shortly joined by Skate and then we had some good ole fashioned clean fun!

We played ring-around-the-rosey, we ran, we sang, we skipped and danced and did flips and jumped and laughed and laughed. There was a wheel barrow race, and fun pictures were taken (I hope they come out!) And we even ran into Alan for a while…I think she thinks we’re all insane! But oh, I cannot express how much fun it was! We were children…completely oblivious to the fact that we are considered by society to be entirely too old to behave as we did. And I loved every minute of it! Many thanks to Janet, Blair, Caroline, Skate, Matthew and Adam for the most fun night ever!!! I love you guys!