I’ve always loved old cars.  They have more charisma than new ones, ya know?  An old pony car hot-rod has hips and curves like you’d never find on a modern sports car.  A 1942 Ford Pickup Truck is my absolute dream car.  I’m drooling a little just thinking about it.  Ask my husband, if we pass one on the street, I tend to flirt with them. 

How you doin?

Old cars truly were things of beauty on the outside (even if the insides were angular and uncomfortable).  With their shining chrome-plated-everything and their ahOOOga horns and their hood ornaments boldly leading the charge.   

Once an elite status symbol, the hood ornament has been traded out for aerodynamics.  Back in the day, your car’s hood ornament said a lot about you as a person.  A Jaguar’s hood ornament says you’re a fierce go-getter.  The Mercedes says you’re sleek and smooth.  Even the ole Oldsmobile hood ornament said you were a bit square.  But no hood ornament spoke quite as loudly as the Spirit of Ecstacy (that’s really her name) hood ornament of the incomparable Rolls-Royce. 

Leaning in anticipation towards the future, letting the wind whip through her chrome-plated hair, the Spirit of Ecstacy was just that.  She boldly declared that you were the richest, most important…most free driver on the long and winding road.  She flirtatiously winks at every other driver she passes and says “hey there handsome, goin my way?” 

Heck yes you are.