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As of this coming Sunday, Trey and I will have been residents of The Haven at the Rim apartment complex in San Antonio, Texas for exactly six months.  And quite frankly, that’s been long enough.  Sure, the apartment itself is nice, and the amenities are fine, but after having lived in a house that was actually pretty secluded, having upstairs AND downstairs neighbors is starting to take it’s toll.

So we’ve been house hunting.  I realize this is not news to those of you who talk to us semi-regularly, however, I feel this little bit of back-story is necessary for what this blog is really all about.

We bought a house.  Well, we’re going to buy a house.  Once we get approved for a loan and we pick out everything we want it to look like and KB Homes builds it, THEN we’re buying the house.  Basically, it should all work out so that once they’re finished with construction, our apartment lease will have run out so we can just move right on in to a brand new house custom built just for us. 

Do you know what it’s like to have a custom built home? Not the living there, mind you, the customization.  It’s mind numbing.  And that is a gargantuan understatement.  You have to choose doors and doorknobs, counter tops and cabinets, bathtubs and sinks, flooring, ceilings, light fixtures…and once you choose those things, there are about 8,947,525,497,213 other choices you have to make.  And all of those choices come with a price tag. 

Trey and I wanted to be really smart about this whole process, and not get bogged down by too many upgrades.  So we went to the KB Homes Showroom (which is basically a store that shows you what all the upgrades look like and how much they cost) to see what we could see.  And it’s a good thing we did because if we’d have gone there for the first time to make our official selections, I’m sure it would have ended in marriage counseling.  For two people who generally have a pretty easy time deciding things (where to eat, what to watch on tv), the sheer multitude of choices rendered us completely incompetent.  But after two visits (3 hours each), and lots and lots of math (heck yes, I can still do math!), and coming to the very sound decision that we’d only do those upgrades that were structurally necessary to do during construction and save the rest for some good ole fashioned DIY, we finally settled on an upgrade package that we could afford on the floor plan we liked best.  And once we figured out that we could build the house we wanted (4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 2 car garage, etc.) for less than our current monthly rent, we signed.

And it’s a strange feeling.  On the one hand, we’re super excited about our new home.  On the other hand, they’re not even gonna break ground for 60 days and we can’t move in till April.  So it’s an odd mix of being overwhelmed with excitement and feeling like absolutely nothing has happened at all.




On Monday of this week, I decided to go further explore Boerne (pronounced Bernie), which is the town just outside of San Antonio where our new house will be built.  Think of it like Fort Mill to Charlotte or Goose Creek to Charleston.  I walked around our future new neighborhood, and drove down town to meander the shops on S. Main Street, and it didn’t take long at all for me to officially fall in love with Boerne.  We knew all this big city living wasn’t a good fit for me!  The shops are quaint, there’s a local brewery (but we still miss RJ Rockers), and there are several parks within just a couple miles of our new place. 

So, we’ve got the house, the neighborhood, and the town…now we just have to wait for six more months!



In other news:  my new favorite thing about Texas is that I’ve worn my cowboy boots for 3 weeks straight and I fit right in…well, except for the fact that mine are green.  :)



A story:

When Trey and I were in San Antonio with his family over Christmas, Trey had lunch with a friend who mentioned he was trying to get out of the database world and into music ministry.  Later that night, when our neice Makayla would crawl out of my lap she would say “I coming back, I coming back.”  And I cried when we left because I was afraid it’d be so long before I saw them again that that sweet little girl would have forgotten me.

In early February Trey’s friend got a job as a music minister leaving his Database Director position at Oak Hills church.  Trey filled out an application and submitted his resume and a week later had a phone interview.  A few weeks after that, Oak Hills flew us both out to San Antonio.  Trey spent the whole day in interviews and I spent the whole day apartment hunting.  And later that night, when Makayla crawled out of my lap she said “I will be right back.”  And I cried when we left because she had grown up so much in such a short time and because that sweet little girl hadn’t forgotten me.

Last week, Trey was offered the job at Oak Hills church and accepted it Friday evening…just in time for his birthday.  On Saturday, Trey’s sister Robin called  to wish Trey a happy birthday and the girls (Mary Beth – 6, Isabella – 4, and Makayla – 2) all sang to him.  And when they had finished singing “Happy Birthday,” little Makayla just kept on singing.  About 30 seconds after he got off the phone with them (after much persuasion because Mak didn’t want to say goodbye), Robin called back because “Makayla didn’t get to talk to Aunt Leslie.”  While listening to that sweet little voice tell me she had to drink her apple juice and that she wanted to sing me a song, Trey and I both started crying. 

The first and only time we’ve cried about this move was because we can’t wait to go. 

So that’s it.  As of mid April, Trey and I will be residents of San Antonio, Texas.  I’ve lived in South Carolina my whole life, and every time I’ve moved in the past, I’ve done it begrudgingly behind a veil of snot and tears.  But not this time.  Sometimes, when God has a plan for you, a plan for great  change, he just opens your heart right up and all the sudden, something that used to be so scary and horrible, seems like the best thing that could ever happen to you.

San Antonio, here we come.