sense of smell

The other morning, Trey asked me from inside the shower:  “Your shaving cream is raspberry?”

To which I replied:  “It was a two-fer, so I got that instead of my regular scent.”

His response:  “I didn’t know they made it scented.”  Or something to that effect.


And he was genuinely surprised…his manly shaving cream smells just like that:  man.  Why is it that all his toiletry items smell like Man and all my toiletry items smell like a flower shop and a fruit cart had a fight?


When I was in the women’s choir in college, our professor had one rule (other than basic music theory):  Don’t smell good, don’t smell bad, just don’t smell.  And I agree.  I can’t walk within 10 feet of a Yankee Candle or Bath & Body Works without gagging.  All that smell is overwhlming.  It makes my eyes water, my throat sting, and my nostrils flare up in protest.  Why is it that the body industry thinks women want to smell SO MUCH???  Can’t we just smell a little bit?