sea bass

Sisters are the best.  Don’t you a gree?  Somehow, God figured out that the person you fight with the most in your childhood days will grow up to be your best friend in the whole wide world.

Amy and I, over the years, have developed some of the most ridiculous and elaborate inside jokes of all time.  Usually, it just takes the first word of one of our many “Muffinisms”  (why yes, I did just invent that word) to leave both of us in stitches.

Funny how time goes by.  Sisters go from trapping each other under the laundry basket, to fighing over clothes and boys, to missing each other like crazy and taking insane road trips (Days-O-Fun).

Now that we’re both grown up and married, our husbands are learning just how ridiculous we are.

Last night, I received this text from Amy’s husband Adam:

California Raisins and Christmas Pie and Amy Grant and a Coffee Table Afghan.  What does this mean?  Amy will not tell me.

And that’s all it took.  I spent the next 20 minutes texing both Amy and Adam (Trey even joined in the fun) regarding the intricacies of our ridiculous childhood games and other inside jokes.  I haven’t laughed that hard in months.  I was wheezing and crying and doing that weird silent laugh…leaving Trey to look at me like I’d gone completely mad.  It was marvelous.

I love that even though we now live entirely too far apart, and that we’re both old married ladies, my sister and I can still be the silliest girls I know…and include our boys.  I love you Muffin!

Oh, and no, I can’t be Michael Bolton.