makayla poppins

A few weeks ago, I had the joy of picking up my now 4-year-old neice from school.  Since her class gets out at 10:30 and her sisters’ didn’t get out till much later, we had a few hours to kill before going to pick them up.

On that particular day, Makayla wanted to go for a walk.  Since it was pretty cloudy, she insisted on taking Nana’s umbrella with us on our walk – she assured me that Nana wouldn’t mind us borrowing it as long as we put it back exactly where it went.

We walked out the door and, before I could stop her, Makayla took off at a full run down the sidewalk with the open umbrella not above her head, but held out in front of her at arms length.  I swear this child knows she’s hilarious because she was laughing the whole time as she shouted:

It’s blowing me away, Aunt Leslie!  It’s blowing me awaaaaaaaaaaaay!

When I finally caught up to her, she had crouched down on the sidwalk under the umbrella to rest.  I sat under there with her for a while and we perused the pictures on my phone.  I showed her a picture I snapped of her and said, “you look just like Mary Poppins.”  Without batting an eyelash, my awesomely comic neice replied, “I know.”