for short people


It wasn’t until sometime around 4th grade that I realized I was short. By 7th grade, it was glaringly obvious. So obvious, in fact, that my friend Doug gave me a brown paper lunch bag as a going away present when my family moved from Jackson to Fort Mill to use “as a barf bag for the trip, or to wear as a dress.”

My height always seemed like a curse. Until one day, the words of Whitney Houston spoke to me and I found “the greatest love of all.” I learned to love my self…and my size.

Being pocket-sized has it’s advantages:

  • I can pretty much order off the kids menu wherever I go.
  • I always get to be in the front during dance numbers on stage.
  • I get to wear ridiculously high heels without fear of ever making Trey look shorter than me, and because of this…
  • I learned to walk well in heels at a very young age.
  • I always have enough leg-room.
  • and, let’s face it, because of my size, I will always be just a little bit cute. 

I always root for the little guy (like Kent on last season’s So You Think You Can Dance). I secretly love (love, love, LOVE) Napoleon Bonaparte. And big people love to pick me up and throw me around…since I’m such a child at heart, I still love this. 

However, as fun as it is to be a Half Pint, some people just don’t appreciate our place in the world and can be downright condescending.  Sometimes, without even realizing it. 

I found this soap dispenser in a church bathroom. 

And I know what you’re thinking…yes, I could reach the wall soap dispenser!