When’s the last time you spoke to an octagenarian?  They know more words than you do.  Really.  This doesn’t mean they could squash your SAT Vocab score, it means that some words that were part of everyday language 60, 70, 80 years ago just aren’t around anymore.  They’re lost language.  Forgotten phrases.  Vanished verbage. 

When’s the last time you got scolded for dilly-dallying?  Lollygagging?  Have you eaten anything recently that had a more-ish taste?  Do you do anything willy-nilly? When’s the last time something gave you the heebie-jeebies?  Why don’t we call men dapper anymore (well, I still call Trey dapper)?  Are you nifty?  Spiffy?  Or are you a rag-a-muffin?  Are you a fuddy-duddy? Have you ever found something to be cattywampus or wonky? The last time you drank too much hooch, were you ossified or spifflicated?  Have you every said “that’s swell“  or been to a swanky joint? Are you highfalutin?  Cause I am. 

It makes me sad that some of these words and phrases that my grandmother uses on a regular basis will be all but erased from society before my children and grandchildren can learn them. 

What’s your favorite grandma-ism?  Mine’s got some whoppers.