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Did you miss me?  I missed a week…I know.  But the first night of our vacation we were laying on the beach and decided to add another day.  So…in honor of our awesome getaway, I’m giving you a list of the top ten best things (in no particular order) that happened while we were in Galveston!



We walked on the beach and held hands.  I know that may sound cheesy, but we’ve never done that before!  Trey and I had, up until last weekend, never been to the beach together.  And it was awesome.


IMG_1032Crazy animals.  Okay, I found this entirely more entertaining than Trey did, BUT we saw:  3 donkeys, a herd of buffalo/bison, an honest to goodness ox, about a gazillion pelicans, a jelly fish, a really super cool snail.


IMG_1020Food.  The diet went out the window…and it was awesome.  We ate: chocolate covered pecan toffee, Jordan almonds, steak with bacon and goat cheese, mashed potatoes, funnel cake, fried alligator, lots and lots of fried shrimp, carrot cake…and I know there was more.  OH!  And we did the Spoetzle Brewery tour in Shiner, Texas.  So add lots of beer to that list of Leslie’s favorite foods :)


Death Metal Skateboard Serenade.  So, late Monday night, we were walking along the seawall and we hear this noise coming up fast behind us.  It was singing – like whiny nasal “punk band” sounding singing.  And just as our soloist cruised past us on his skateboard, the song turned to scary death metal grunt-screaming…which he performed full out and doubled over as he wheeled down Sea Wall Blvd.  I don’t think I’ve man-laughed that hard, and that unexpectedly in a long time.


IMG_1052Pleasure Pier.  Okay, I know I already said funnel cakes, but they really do deserve two nods, don’t you think?  Pleasure Pier is a Landry’s-owned theme park, you guessed it…on a pier.  Think tiny version of Coney Island. We rode roller coasters, we went upside-down, we ate junk food, we watched the sunset over the water, and we muttered “we’re too old for this” more times than we could count.  It was awesome.


Blind ambition.  So, with our day pass to Pleasure Pier, we also go into the ride at Rain Forest Café for free.  So what did we do?  We decided to walk there.  From Pleasure Pier.  2.5 miles soaking wet (from the Pirate’s Revenge water ride) and in flip flops.  But hey, we did it.  We were freezing and sore and we’ll never do it again, but it really helped burn off those funnel cake calories.


Cable.  I know, I know.  I said it.  But we’ve only had cable once in our 5 years of marriage.  And for a long weekend, it was nice to flip on the tv and decide between Mad About You, Storage Wars, and Interview with a Vampire.


Ikea.  Yup – your favorite Swedish housewares store and mine.  Even though we didn’t buy a thing but hot dogs and a cinnamon roll, I love a good excuse to kill a few hours in one of the meticulously designed living spaces.


Road trips.  Seriously, we rock at road trips.  Trey lets me stop to pee as often as I need and we typically have the same tastes in car music and snacks.  I love spending a few good hours in the car with my hubby.


IMG_1066Rest.  Honestly, you wanna know what we did most on this trip?  We sat.  We lolly-gagged.  We curled up on the couch.  We laid in the sand.  We sipped fruity drinks in rocking chairs overlooking the water. I can’t express to you how utterly glorious it was to just rest.  To not have to go anywhere and do anything at any time other than our own.  Ahh :)

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